Monday, January 6, 2020

What Makes Triggers Londolozi Guests Is The Unique...

But what really triggers Londolozi guests is the unique experience, not just the adventure, but a luxury adventure. Let ´s not forget that Londolozi s client segment also has a luxury lifestyle. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (A Theory of Human Motivation, 2012) this kind of consumers have Self-Actualization and Ego Needs, mainly focused in themselves. They need to feel self-esteem and self-fulfillment. They didn’t choose to stay in any South African Reserve, they chose a luxury one. Hence, Londolozi charms their guests with the best quality; private pools and classic Victorian bathrooms with modern mahogany finished are part of the experience. A private Land Rover with a photographic tutor and a tracker team to get you into the ideal photographic positions. Londolozi makes their guests feel like professional photographers, and after they make sure they take home their best picture in a frame with the Reserve s logo (Trip Advisor, Guests Feedback, 2015). This is the brand’s way of satisfying the need of achievement, it is a strategy to remind them the unique experience lived. With this client segment, it is all about making them feel, more than make them look. Recommendations After reading and analyzing both brands, it is possible to say that they have done a fascinating process to get where they actually are. Base on the Brand Personality Framework (Jennifer Aaker’s 1997), The Ritz has the ultimate Sophistication Personality. They have achieved to

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