Thursday, January 30, 2020

Interrelationships with Culture and Visual Entertainmen Essay Example for Free

Interrelationships with Culture and Visual Entertainmen Essay Culture and visual entertainment media have an interrelationship with each other such as film and television. As the years go by and more and more television shows and movies have been created they have in my opinion become of a reflection of our cultural times. Society is watching the films and television and seeing that they can relate to what they are watching which then they are able to take away a message. People can see visual instead of having to read to learn which can give them a different perspective that they may not have thought of on their own. As people view the visual entertainment they and see what is being influenced from the way people act, dress, talk, and so forth since it is what is shaping our culture. The Brady Bunch is an example of how families were starting to see that families can merge together and become one family, the outfits and hairstyles were being mimicked by people in everyday life. I remember watching this show thinking how â€Å"cool† is it to have two families merge together. This showed that the social influences of visual entertainment media can be positive. People can still watch visual media that is been out dated but still learn about American culture with such shows. Another example is â€Å"The Breakfast Club† this movie is a classic and still very relevant to how our American culture is shaped. In this movie they look at individuals and show that even though we are from all walks of life such as a jock, nerd, snob, shy, and criminal that we all have similarities in the end if we stop and take a moment to see. I Love Lucy† was a huge influence on visual entertainment people wanted to have the grace, the silliness, and could also see that they lived modestly which made it relate to society. Visual media can be negative as well a positive influence on social behavior. When we view visual entertainment I would say majority want to emulate the celebrities that they are viewing which can be negative or positive depending on that moment. People want to fit in society and with visual entertainment that can shape them in to something different. I remember during the eighty’s all of the shows and movies I watch were all the underdog wins in the end and I felt that this is what I want I want to be the underdog the stand along and befriends with everyone. Guess what I was that person I still am that person as well as I take up for the underdog and befriend everyone as well as treat everyone with respect no matter what. I can thank â€Å"Sixteen Candles, Full House, The Breakfast Club, The Outsiders, and I Love Lucy† were all visual entertainment that made me who I am as well as a lot of others.

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