Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Speech errors Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Speech errors - Essay Example Phonetic errors include pronunciation mistakes in speech. Phonemes also refer to the sounds that people make during speech. Such errors are equally common and often affect the effectiveness of the communication process. While such are common errors, people are not always likely to make specific mistakes during speech. Among such are the verb tense agreements. Psycholinguists explain that the types of common errors portray unique features of the brain. The brain of a speaker at any given time coordinates a series of activities all of which ensures the manifestation of an error during the tie of speech. A speech process is an extensive process that requires the effective coordination of the facts a speaker presents besides the need to coordinate sentence structures in order to enhance the effectiveness of a speech. Balances and checks depending on the tasks of the speaker often characterize the mental state of a speaker. Public speaking among others for example always entails a series of activities all of which require the effective coordination of the body. Sentence construction and speech production are key features of a speech. Other additional activities include body movements and nonverbal communication among others. Such are basic features of speech that enhance the effectiveness of the communication process. The brain that acts as the central processing unit of the body systematically coordinates he activities of the body during a speech thus enhancing the speech depending on the stability and composure of the speaker.

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